Talk to the Max!

  • No monthly fees
  • Reporting to the nearest second
  • Low prices for calls within Bulgaria and abroad
Към видеото


Speak without being charged to other Voicer customers and cheaply with all other numbers!

Voicer comes with a Bulgarian mobile 0999 number or you can transfer your number from another mobile operator. You can make and receive calls to all your friends and family at home and abroad.


The chat has never been more fun!

Easy and free Voicer messages sent as text, picture, voice or video recording!

Video calls

Be closer to your loved ones!

Don’t just hear your friends, see them on your phone with Voicer for free.

Freedom, flexibility and transparency

  • Voicer is a prepaid voice service, no fixed-term contracts and no monthly fees
  • Pay only for the time you speak, because Max charges by the second
  • You can check at any time your consumption online from your phone

How much does it cost to use Voicer?

Prices of outgoing calls from the network Voicer are:

Between all users of Voicer
Unlimited minutes included between all Voicer users
to all mobile and fixed networks in Bulgaria
0,05 lev / min.
To all mobile and fixed networks in the first zone
0,10 lev / min.
XX BGN/min

Choose the best package for you

The packages you could choose from are:

Get a starter kit
5levVoicer Starter pack
  • Amount included in the package:

    5 lev
  • Period of validity of the amount included in the package:

    70 days
  • Period of validity of service (the SIM validity and number):

    365 days
  • Bonus data included in the package for voice calls, browsing and downloading in MB

    1000 MB
  • Period of validity of the bonus data:

    70 days
All prices include VAT. Read more
Reload Voicer
5 levVoicer Top-up 5
  • Package price for recharging:

    5 lev
  • Validity:

    10 days
  • Included free on-net minutes Voicer:

10 levVoicer Top-up 10
  • Package price for recharging:

    10 lev
  • Validity:

    10 weeks
  • Included free on-net minutes Voicer:

50 levVoicer Top-up 50
  • Package price for recharging:

    50 lev
  • Validity:

    25 weeks
  • Included free on-net minutes Voicer:

100 levVoicer Top-up 100
  • Package price for recharging:

    100 lev
  • Validity:

    50 weeks
  • Included free on-net minutes Voicer:

All prices include VAT. Buy

What devices can I use Voicer?

You can use Voicer with all compatible smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android. Voicer can be installed in up to 5 devices simultaneously.

See devices that work with Voicer
mobile tablet

Where can I
get Voicer?

Shops and partners Max’s website

To get the SIM card Voicer, you can visit any of the Max stores. And if you want to save time, you can order it online through our website or call 0999111.

  • Download the application

    To use Voicer must first take your SIM card from Max and then download the free application from Google Play or the Apple App store.
    If you are having problems, why not go to a Max store and ask one of our staff to help you?

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  • Activate

    Bring your 0999 number and personal identification number - PIN. You can take new 0999 number or port your existing number from another service provider.

  • Use

    A number can be used up to 5 different devices at the same time, regardless of the Internet connection, through which a service - 4G, WiFi or 3G network.