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How to pay

Through the MyMax section in our site

You can pay your monthly invoice online through Max web page by registering with a user name and password.

Online through ePay.bg

Your bill can be paid online on ePay.bg. In your profile register the subscriber number that is specified as client’s number in the invoice issued by Max. Payments can be made with debit and credit cards issued by banks that have contractual relations with the BORICA card operator.

You can use ePay.bg to charge your prepaid voice services. When you log in to your profile, visit the Bills payment section, Prepaid services, and choose Max.

Bill payment at ATM through B-Pay

You only need to know your Max registration code – 50999.

To pay your bill at ATM through B-Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Other services button.
  2. Enter the B-Pay menu.
  3. Ат Trader code, enter 50999. Confirm.
  4. Ат Personal code field, enter your client’s number. Write only the digits from your clients number. Confirm.
  5. The standard menus Do you want a receipt ?Enter PIN code of the bank card and Payment confirmation will follow.

Click here to see the list of B-Pay ATM machines that work with chip cards.

Steps for payment in images:

  1.                                        2.                                       3.                                       4.

Bill payment and recharging of prepaid internet and voice services through Fast Pay

All clients of Max can pay their monthly fees and recharge prepaid internet and voice services at the cash desks of:

You can find the closest and most appropriate for you cash desk here.

Payment with a debit or credit card through a virtual POS terminal

You can pay your bill with a debit or credit card through a virtual POS terminal. You can pay with debit, credit and corporate cards of the brands Borica/Maestro, Visa и Master Card regardless of the issuing bank.

You can also recharge your prepaid services with a debit or credit card.

Payment in the offices of partner organizations to EasyPay

The payments are made in cash in the offices that service EasyPay. When you are using this method, you will have to specify your client’s number as written on the invoice issued by Max.

You can find the closest office by clicking here.


Payment with iCARD MasterCard

The only international credit card which can be used to pay your Max monthly fee directly from your personal page without any website fees http://www.icard.bg/, or with sms.

Payments are carried out:

• By visiting the page http://www.icard.bg/ and logging in as a card holder;

• By ordering a payment from your personal page after you register for payment of bills to Max.


Payment of monthly bills and charging of prepaid services with trans.card cards

All clients of Max can pay their monthly bills online and recharge prepaid services with all cards issued by Transcard Financial Services EAD (TFS).

To pay your monthly bills online, you have to register your card in TFS’s electronic system for payment of domestic bills, trans@home. In order to do that, enter your individual client profile in TFS’s web page (the “Cardholders login” button). From the “Online domestic bills” button in the profile menu, select the “Registration for payment” link, and click the “Registration” link in the field next to Max, then fill in the relevant data.

To recharge an internet or voice service, enter your individual client profile. From the “Online domestic bills” section in your profile menu, select “Registration for payment”. Pick the respective service in the field next to Max, enter your MAC address or phone number and the amount with which you wish to recharge.



You can pay the bill in cash by saying your client’s number at the cash desks of stores in Max’s distribution network.

You can also recharge your prepaid services at the cash desks in our stores.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers will be accepted at Max Telecom OOD bank account:

First Investment Bank AD, Sofia IBAN: BG19 FINV 9150 10RV MAXT EL BIC: FINVBGSF

Please, specify your client’s number from the invoice in your payment order. The payment will be considered as completed on the receipt date of the amount at Max Telecom OOD bank account.

Method of payment through Cashterminal
  • Choose Max from the Internet Providers menu;
  • Enter your client’s number;
  • After your enter the information, the amount you wish to deposit will be written on the screen;
  • Deposit the amount;
  • The device will register a successful payment and you can take your receipt.

What should I know?

Payment through a Cashterminal is FREE OF CHARGE. The device works with 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 lev bills. The device works with 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 stotinki and 1 lev coins. The device does not return change. If the paid amount exceeds the due amount, the difference will be subtracted from your next payment.

Where can I pay?

In  more  than 250 locations in the country. Find what is most appropriate for you here http://cashterminal.eu/places.php No registration needed.

Payment at Max retail network

You can pay in cash your monthly bills or recharge prepaid internet services at Max Retail Network.

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